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Effortless Property Management

Alfred let you enjoy true freedom. Dont wait till weekends to sort out your property management issues. Get all matters sorted easily at your own leisure. If your property is powered by Alfred , rest assure that your property need is well taken care of.

We pride ourselves by offering a solution that can help ease the handover process of properties between property developers and homeowners. This is exactly the reason why we are convinced both homeowners and property developers would be able to benefits from this solution.

Modular Features

Our solution is fully modular and customizable. Choose which features to switch on or contact us to fully customize a new feature for you to suit your property management needs.

Up-to-Date Bulletin Boards

Read your bulletin news digitally. Broadcast or get instant notifications on urgent matters instantly.

Location Defect Management

Report defect effectively. Drop a pin to pinpoint exactly the defect in your home layouts

Effortless Facility Booking

Planning to use the facility have never been easier. Check the facility availability and book anytime, anywhere.

Unique Visitor Management

Pre register your guest for faster security clearance. Your guest receive an SMS with information to your property automatically

Modular Community Forms

Every forms can be turn on or off depending on property. Customizable and ease of setup for easy onboarding

Simple Bill Payment

Avoid late charges and pay on time. The simple bill payment allow you to easily pay outstanding maintenance fees.

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